Tests "UzCDL - the national computer license”


Educational classrooms of the companies:

  • UCD "Micros",
  • NetDec,
  • Young Developers Training and Support Centre
  • Innovation Center VEKTOR at Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan.

Date of holding: 20.01 - 31.01.2009


ICT sector's development in 2008 considered

The Cabinet’s Complex for information systems and telecommunications held a session on 13 January to sum up the results of the sector’s development in 2008.

According to the latest data, the ICT sector manufatured products and provided services worth UZS 1.49 billion last year, which is 56.8% more than in 2007. The exports increased 40.2% compared to the forecasts.

Foreign direct investments totalling USD 243.87 million (UZS 339.95 billion) were attracted in 2008 to the sector.

The number of internet users reached 2.4 million by the year-end, and the quantity of mobile users increased more than twice and made up 12.65 million.

The session participants called for wider introduction of ICT in the ministries and other state bodies, as well as local authorities.

They also said the quantity of interactive state services had to be increased and more attention should be paid to development of modern ICT services in rural areas.