Tests "UzCDL - the national computer license”


Educational classrooms of the companies:

  • UCD "Micros",
  • NetDec,
  • Young Developers Training and Support Centre
  • Innovation Center VEKTOR at Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan.

Date of holding: 20.01 - 31.01.2009


Signed the interoperator agreement between JSC "Uzbektelecom" and "Afghantelecom"

As it was earlier informed, the representatives of company “Afghantelecom” (Afghanistan) in charge of the Executive Director of “Afghantelecom” Mr. Gul Khmad Rastman held the negotiations in the Communications and Information agency of Uzbekistan. Mr. Gul Akhmad Rastman within the framework of his visit to Uzbekistan on January 29, 2009 also had the negotiations with the administration of JSC "Uzbektelecom" as a result of which the interoperator agreement between JSC "Uzbektelecom" and "Afghantelecom" was signed.

The goal from signing this agreement is the cooperation between the leading operator JSC "Uzbektelecom" and company "Afghantelecom" on mutual provision of international telecommunication services on constructing fiber-optic highway that connects our countries.

Putting into operation of the given highway, which bandwidth is formed on the basis of STM-16 equipment will provide the opportunity of direct communication organization between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan for provision of international telecommunication services, access to the Internet and the transit output of Afghanistan through Uzbekistan into the CIS countries and abroad.