Tests "UzCDL - the national computer license”


Educational classrooms of the companies:

  • UCD "Micros",
  • NetDec,
  • Young Developers Training and Support Centre
  • Innovation Center VEKTOR at Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan.

Date of holding: 20.01 - 31.01.2009



Information society and globalization: criticism of the neo-liberal concept

Studies of processes of the information society in the making, as part of timing of stages of human development.

The current state of and prospects for the development of the export industry of software in Uzbekistan

The sector of information technologies is currently one of the most dynamically developing spheres of the economies of many countries, at the same time; the industry and the market of software are rapidly developing. So, the rate of annual development of the global software market, according to various assessments, is from 10 to 20 per cent. A significant share of the sector accounts for the software development sector for export, so-called “software out-sorting”. The concept includes developing software under a customer order and export of ready “box” products.

The informatization of social and political life in the conditions of the global development

Asking the question of describing features of humanity in the future, it is quite justified that we are trying to understand the gist of the factors, determining their modern lives. Two of the factors – globalization and informatization are the most determining ones that identify the image of the modern civilization. Defining the scenarios of development of these processes will give direct forecast of the human society development.

Recommendations. Modern compatibility standards of software products of open code. Using them at the state agencies of management

The document gives recommendations on applying the existing and the most popular software products of open code (SPOC), open standards and technical conditions to use them at the state agencies of management in the Republic of Uzbekistan.