Tests "UzCDL - the national computer license”


Educational classrooms of the companies:

  • UCD "Micros",
  • NetDec,
  • Young Developers Training and Support Centre
  • Innovation Center VEKTOR at Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan.

Date of holding: 20.01 - 31.01.2009




A number of companies, which are the members of the Association and organizations, involved in information technologies in Uzbekistan, showed interest in issue related to organizing the Centre of Competence on E-Gov under the Association. The main goal from the setting up of the center is to define a permanent organization operating in the field of displaying new equipment and software products in the sphere of electronic management.

The center, which is set up as part of the IT organization on the basis of free aid, represents the Center’s conditions and terms of the products and services in the sphere of electronic management proposed by companies-partners; carries out scientific researches, holds campaigns to promote ideas of the information society in the making.

The main goal of the Centre of Competence on E-Gov is developing methodological integration of information systems and creating a concept of a single architecture of the “Electronic Government”, which envisages, in particular, uniting state the resources, portals and information systems of the state agencies and providing for interaction between them. The implementation of a project aimed at optimizing the activities of the state agencies, easing cooperation between the state and businessmen, as well as providing for transparency, information openness of the state agencies and increasing effective automatic information exchange.